UK-ARC activities and ambitions were presented on Thursday 4th February at the virtual showcase – Aerospace Research: Achieving Net-Zero Emissions – hosted by the Institute for Aerospace Technology at the University of Nottingham.

This stimulating event highlighted research innovations at the IAT and many national and international collaborations with industry.

Helping to expand the value and breadth of these relationship is a key aim for the UK-ARC. Electrification was a major theme of presentations at the showcase, illustrating the IAT leadership in this critical technology area as the sector drives for a lower carbon footprint. That goal also underpins UK-ARC programme activity.

The strong IAT international linkages evident through academic and student research presentations showed the productive relationship with EU CleanSky and international alliances.

Roger Gardner, UK-ARC Network Manager, recognised the value of IAT participation in the consortium and emphasised UK-ARC intent to help expand these international research relationships to benefit UK industry and universities.

Here’s a copy of the IAT-UKARC Presentation 04-02-21 given by Roger Gardner on the UK-ARC.

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