The UK Aerospace Research Consortium (UK-ARC) has been created to help organisations identify and engage with the UK’s best aerospace research capability within its leading universities. We connect with the Aerospace Technology Institute, industry and internationally.

By contacting UK-ARC with details of your research needs, whether it’s just to access test and development facilities or acquire specific technical expertise we can quickly put you in touch with the right world leading teams with whom you can discuss your needs.

Accessing research technology excellence

The UK has a growing network of world class UK universities all leading in different areas of aerospace technology research and development and working closely with industry lifting research technology readiness levels (TRLs) towards exploitation.

UK-ARC is able to help you engage with the UK’s leading aerospace research universities

UK-ARC universities host world-class facilities and capabilities across the TRL range and educate the next generation of aerospace engineers and aviation experts. Collectively, these universities are a formative influence upon the development of aerospace in the UK, supporting its £34Bn earnings value to the economy and its direct and indirect employment of almost 300 people.

UK-ARC works to align research agendas with industry and to support the development of collaborative research projects. It also facilitates international research exchanges and collaborations.