A delegation of 30 experts from Swedish academia and industry, attended a research collaboration workshop at Cranfield at the beginning of March. Swedish experts from the Swedish Aerospace Research Centre (SARC) and about 30 members from across the UK-ARC consortium and funders joined with industry representatives to present an overview of their aerospace  work. Everyone gave short 8 minute presentations that spurred discussion and investigation of positions, hopefully towards bilateral projects in the future.


The day was split into sessions to cover thematic areas, including Hydrogen, Electrical Systems, Materials & Manufacturing, Aerodynamics & Aeroacoustics and SAF. Many took away new information and contact opportunities to discuss with their colleagues back at their respective universities. Regular breaks ensured vital networking opportunities were exploited. Whilst the focus was primarily upon civil aerospace, defence opportunities were also covered.

Roger Gardner, Network Manager of UK-Arc and Yvonne Rosmark and Anders Blom from SARC will explore next steps regarding potential collaborations as part of strategic engagement.


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