The UK-ARC community welcomes the excellent achievements of the ATI FlyZero project. Mobilising a large industry and academic team to rapidly examine many aspects of zero-carbon aviation and how to achieve that within a decade was a huge undertaking.

UK-ARC universities undertook or contributed to sixteen reports that form part of the body of research evidence in the FlyZero feasibility study. The energy, enthusiasm and impetus generated through FlyZero is galvanising the community to define the right path to deliver zero-carbon aviation and it is bringing different stakeholders and disciplines together. Importantly, it is also supporting with the UK government’s Jet Zero Council initiative. This project and the ‘grand challenge’ represented by FlyZero has changed the way the research community works and the results and roadmaps going forward really make a difference. It has shown that academia not only has broad capability essential to realising zero-carbon aviation but also that it can deliver results quickly. Further details of the FlyZero project and access to the open reports can be found here. Great job, ATI!

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