The UK-ARC recently surveyed its members to assess the breadth and depth of multidisciplinary expertise and research activity which could be brought to bear to ensure a bio-safe flight environment should a future pandemic occur at some point in the future.

Nearly 60 areas of relevant expertise and research activity were identified such as the development of anti-viral surfaces using a myriad of strategies; sensor development for virus detection; advanced computational modelling, data analytics and artificial intelligence to track the spread of pathogens; new techniques for passenger tracking and monitoring safe distances; future bio-safe cabin concepts; rapid disinfection strategies, cyber and hardware security and agile, and rapid manufacturing strategies for sudden high demand PPE and medical equipment provision.

By adopting a whole system approach to this challenge, other areas of expertise offered by the consortium include policy development for workforce protection and safe operating practices, labour laws, mitigation strategies for workplace stress, mental health, and behavioural science.

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